About us

HALISOF LTD was founded on 2011 in Albania by mr. Klaudio Riko after a 20 year experience in Italy. Our construction company builds, develops, manages and sales real estate assets. Through the construction of different objects such as residential buildings, resorts, touristic villages etc. our company fulfills the needs of every individual, for a better, more comfortable life, relaxation, fun and most of all the satisfaction of buying a valuable property. Initially, HALISOF LTD. started its work as a subcontracting company, through the construction of residential buildings in Durres and after that, in Tirane, Unaza e Re, Farke. On 2014 the construction of “Veneto Complex” consisting of 5 residential and service buildings inspired by Venetian villas. On 2015 our company invested and constructed a residential and service building of 7 floors near Kristal Center and on 2016 it invested and constructed a residential and service building of 6 floors on the same area. Our biggest project started on June 2017 with the investment and construction of Olea Residence Drymades Dhermi. Consisting of 110 villas and apartments, this is one of the most important projects of the Ionian coast.