Olea Residence

Residential and service building of 3 floors and 1-2 basement floor

The construction of “Veneto” residential building started on 2014, at the beautiful area of Liqeni i Thate, Municipality of Farke, Tirane. The buildings are inspired by the quality and colors of venetian style. On a surface of 7500 m2, this construction includes 5 residential buildings identified with letters D, E, F, G, L. These buildings include 5 floors and parking all made of high quality materials and important construction details such as:
  • Polystyrene facade
  • Double glass on windows or balcony doors
  • Persian style window shutters
  • Heating pipes system on every apartment
  • Italian tiles
  • High quality hydraulic and electric materials
  • Lift
  • Paved roads, full of green and lights around the building

During work